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How Does CBD Dog Therapy Help with Joint Pain?

CBD dog treats are a great alternative for joint pain relief when it comes to treating your pup after an injury. In most cases, vets recommend high doses of NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to manage inflammation.

But when taken over long periods of time, NSAIDS can cause intestinal, kidney, and liver problems, especially in aging dogs. When CBD dog treats for joint pain are taken in tandem with these drugs, they can reduce the need for high doses of NSAIDS.

The anti-inflammatory agent in cbd dog treats for pain is quite potent. It’s proven to slow the progression of osteoarthritis and reduce damage from inflammation. This is great news for dogs who need long term joint pain management!


CBD has an anti-inflammatory agent that can prevent further damage to connective tissues. By protecting cartilage and joints, CBD dog treats have the ability to slow degenerative diseases and support your pup’s mobility.


Another reason CBD dog treats are helpful for dogs with joint pain is because they may block pain receptors. CBD binds with opioid receptors, making it a powerful pain reliever and pain med alternative.

While there are no formal studies on dogs, studies on mice—who have similar ECS to humans and dogs—have proven to help block pain receptors.

At this time scientists aren’t entirely sure how CBD interacts with dogs’ pain receptors. But, similar beneficial effects of pain management in humans and mice have been seen to carry over in dogs.

It may seem like the capabilities of CBD are over the top, but your dog’s ECS makes CBD dog treats help regulate so many aspects of your dog’s health!

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