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What is H4CBD and Should You Try It?

Cannabis scientists have done it again. There is a new cannabinoid on the market H4CBD that has everyone talking. But, what is H4CBD and should you try it? Is it even safe?

Today, we’re taking a closer look into this brand-new cannabinoid, how it’s made, and whether or not it’s something you should try out. So, everyone, meet H4CBD.

What is H4CBD?

If you haven’t heard of H4-CBD yet, that’s because it’s one of the newest cannabinoids in the industry, and many brands haven’t even begun to be able to make products using it.

However, it’s getting a lot of attention with extractors, so we can assume that H4-CBD products will be plentiful in the near future. But, what is H4CBD in the first place?

Essentially, H4-CBD is a hydrogenated version of CBD.


Remember when we talked about HHC, the cannabinoid that was the hydrogenated form of THC? Well, this cannabinoid is made using the same process — only it starts with hemp-derived CBD, instead.

To make H4CBD, chemists start with hemp-derived CBD molecules and combine it with hydrogen atoms. (Hence the term “hydrogenation.”) This chemical reaction creates a new compound, one that’s been recently coined “H4-CBD.”

So, yes, H4CBD is technically a semi-synthetic compound, as it is made in a lab and requires specific processes to be curated.

Now that you know what H4CBD is, let’s talk a little bit about its effects.

H4CBD Effects & Properties

With a compound as new as H4CBD, it’s difficult to talk in length about its effects, properties, or even how it works in the body — because we simply don’t know yet.

However, from those who have tried the cannabinoid, many describe H4CBD effects as being similar to consuming a 2:1 CBD:THC product. This means that it offers prominent therapeutic effects but may also give you mild euphoria. A combination like this can be great for those who want to feel better both mentally and physically, but without getting super stoned.

As we learn more about H4-CBD effects and how it works in the body, we’ll keep you updated. But, for now, we can say that the compound likely feels like extra strong CBD with a little added THC sprinkled in.

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